Read range:Your Stream was neither an OLE2 stream, nor an OOXML Stream

Hi all,

I was getting the Below Error when i was trying to read my excel file,
“Read range: Your Stream was neither an OLE2 stream, nor an OOXML Stream”

@Palaniyappan Could anyone is there to help me on this one ?

Thanks in advance,
Jayavignesh G

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Try to upgrade or downgrade UiPath.excel.activities package and run once


Under which we have read range activity

Pls refer for this more details

Cheers @Jayavignesh_G

@Palaniyappan … Yes Using "Read Range " from WORKBOOK ACTIVITIES.

So, Downgrade or Upgrade will not affect my other project then ??

No it won’t impact
Each project has its own set of package and package versions


I was Changing the Version from “Manage Package” as it Current Version is “2.7.2”.

As you said it will not affect to other project. Will go-ahead and Apply “Downgrade” Since Upgrade is not available.

Yeah pls go ahead
It won’t impact other projects

:worried: Still Same Error.

After upgrading excel package did we try with excel activities or workbook activities

Cheers @Jayavignesh_G

Workbook Activities -“Read Range”

Try with excel activities buddy
As we have now made changes with package version

Cheers @Jayavignesh_G

Yes… It is Fixed now. Thank you so much !!

And Sorry to ask again again - I worried that this Version “Downgrade” will affect other excel Workbook project :worried:

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Sorry … My Last Question.

So, Other My Projects will Run in 2.7.2 Version then ??
Only the Above Project will run in 2.5.2 ?

Yeah exactly
Only this is changed
It won’t impact other projects
To just check open another project’s PROJECT .JSON file you can see the version of excel package being different


Thanks a lot !!

No worries

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