Read Range Workbook returns me error "Implement it based on poi 4.2 in the future"

Hi everyone,

I am currently struggling with Excel automation.
I have to Read a range of an excel sheet (very common action that used to work fine for me for the last 3 years). When the robot goes through that activity it returns that weird error message : Implement it based on poi 4.2 in the future

Does anyone know what it means? I am a bit lost…


Try these setting on trust center…is the extension .xls?


Thank you for your support, I had already had that settings.

Apparently that’s an error message that pops up when a file could be encrypted.
I used that workaround:

  • Give up Read Range Workbook activity
  • Use (inside Excel Process Scope and Use Excel Files activities) a For each Sheet in Excel
  • Then add an If with the following condition: CurrentSheet.Name.Contains([KEYWORDS])
  • Finally add a Read Range from Excel package. This solution is slower but works fine
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