Read Range with Filter "Range does not exist" without specify range


After some search in the forum I didn’t see any answer for this problem.

The problem is simple, I have an Excel file with data in and this data using filter.

I want to transfer this data to another Excel file so I use a “Read range activities” for taking all the sheets without specifying range but I specify “Use filter”.

After that Uipatch stop the process and say the “Range does not exist”, but the range I want is the sheet, and the sheet exist…

Also I tried to specify the range, from the first cell and end to end in the sheet but nothing work with the option “use filter” activated.

Without “Use filter” this work well but I didn’t find any issues for taking all the sheet in a DataTable Output with filtrer.

Anyone can help me with that ?


@Ludo.F I suppose in your filter you are specifying the cell index with dynamic values. This range does not exists error occurs when the index is 0.

For example:

If you are trying to read range from A0 it will give out this error as cell starts with 1 not 0

Thank for your reply @Raguvarthan

My filter is used for hidding some outdated range, for example the first column I want is D and after the headears D1 the sheet start at D123.

That’s why I want to use the filtrer for taking the data filtered out for copy it on another excel.

At the end it’s like if I regroup 10 excel to only one, and the robot will filtrer them together for a good output.

So for now my script is a simple read range in one excel file (the filtered) and one write range in a new empty excel file.

The problem appear in the read range, I can type “A1” “D1” “D123” " " or nothing in the range field Uipath return every time the error “range does not exist” like if it can’t read a filtered excel ?