Read Range vs 1900-01-01

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Weird problem here:

I’m trying to use the Read Range activity to read a date from an Excel file. The date string is “1900-01-01” but when Read Range processes it, it comes back as “12/31/1899 00:00:00”.




According to Microsoft it’s a feature in Excel, to “provide greater compatibility with Lotus 1-2-3”.

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So, this is a known issue with no solution other than to hard code adding 1 day to every date returned between 1899-12-31 and 1900-02-28? And if the actual date happens to really be 1899-12-31, it will not be handled properly?

Thank you Microsoft… argh!

Dates before 1900-01-01 are not considered “dates” so they will be as is when you read them with Read Range. If you enter “1899-12-31” in Excel, Read Range will return “1899-12-31” (no time added). So before adding a day, you also need to check for the " 00:00:00" part.

In my situation, I won’t need to deal with pre-1900 dates. The 1900-01-01 is only there due to a depersonalization process for a non-prod environment.

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