Read range : Syntax error

Hi guys ,
Iwant to read the sheet that has formulas also .but this error occurred while i am trying to read a sheet that contains formula in some of the cell.The Error notification is attached below and i am using latest activity package that also attached below.


Property of my read range activity:
image image

I think this latest update only throw this kind of error ,is this a bug or there is any solution available for this ,please let me know…

Thanks in advance.

Are you sure your sheet name is correct @yajiv ?


I check it with the normal sheet (i.e. Sheet without formula) that works fine.

I mean the sheet name you are providing in the read range activity @yajiv ?

Can you post the sheet name you have in the excel which you are trying to read?

Sheet name is dynamic …i get it from datatable …it will be Msg 1 , Msg 2 , Msg 3 etc… ("Msg " + Indexrow(0).tostring) that is not the problem…

The sheet name won’t produce that syntax error :slight_smile:,


Do the cells which you have formulae produce any value? I hope your formula is wrong in the cells , may be missing “=”.

If it is possible to share your file, can you please attach

Sample.xlsx (142.8 KB)
This is the file,let me know if u found any…

I’m able to read it and got the row count @yajiv


Just try giving the sheet name as “Msg 1” and check if you are able to open the file @yajiv.
If you are able to get the values by the above method, then assign the sheet name to a variable and check if the value is correct or not, and then pass the variable to the sheet name property :slight_smile:

okay i will try again and let u know
FYI this is my uipath version

please attach your excel package version and community exe installer version

Its working fine

My studio is 2019.7 and mail activities is 2.5.3 @yajiv