Read range read a lot of empty rows

hi i use read range to read two columns of an excel file for each sheet with conditions, and i use merge datatable to merge them into one datatable,


but when i write the output into one blank excel to check the output, the first sheet i read is written just fine, but the data from the second sheet starts from row 65.536 and the data from the third sheet starts from row 130.171. The rows on each sheet i read is only 200-300 rows.
any idea why this happened ?

Hi @RobertoEwaldo,

you mentioned range like B:C. it seems that it read all the rows. So kindly check the read range.


@Jyotika_Halai i want to read only column B and C but only the filled rows

@RobertoEwaldo : Use the Read Range without specifying the Range and use a Filter Data Table afterwards.

  • in Filter Rows select to Remove the values that are empty (Operation - is Empty)
  • in Output Columns select only the columns “B” and “C” with option Keep.

Hope it makes sense.