Read Range Problem - "Call was rejected by callee" & "Identifier expected"

Hello Everyone,
Having problem while reading .xlsx file.

  1. Using Excel Application scope read range activity to read the file, it shows “Call was rejected by callee.”

  2. Using Workbook read range activity to read the file, it shows “Identifier Expected.”

Used excel package version from 2.5.2 to 2.7.2, show’s the same error.

Not getting for all excel files, only one particular excel file getting these all error.
Checked the excel file, it’s not corrupted.

Can anyone suggest me?
Thanks in advance.

Happy Day,
Poovarasan Gunasekaran.


I guess some issue with that Excel file only. Could you please copy that data into new excel file and then try once.

And also please check below thread to know more about that issue.

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Hi @lakshman,
Thanks for your suggestion,
But the master excel file having linkage data, data connection, Raw data also Pivot Table as well.

So not possible to simply copy the data into new file.

Is that the real problem is master excel file.??
Without changing the master file, is that any slution to read the file.??

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You are getting issue with this excel file and other files are working properly as you said. So you need to recreate this file to fix the issue.

Have you checked above thread and did you follow any steps mentioned there to fix the issue ?


Above mentioned thread are all mostly focused on VBA.
So this never work for my problem.

Thanks, i’ll try to change the master file and try.

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