Read Range not showing doccuments browser version

I’m using the UiPath browser version. I conected my google account with the read range, and when i click to share the doccument, it doesn’t apper.


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Can you please explain in detail with some screenshots or so…that would help In understanding the issue


it doesn’t show the files on my google drive. they r on .csv and .xlms

Hi @Eric_Guerrize

Make sure you have made the connection with your google account to access the Read Range in Studio Web.
Use the Read range as marked reference below.
Make sure you have an google sheet already in your drive to read.

Hope it helps!!

Hi, it’s connected, and there is a file on my drive. I put it in different formats to see if it appears, but none appears

Hi @Eric_Guerrize

You can click on the file explorer symbol from that you can select the worksheet in your google drive after that you can give the range.

Then you can give range in the range field

Hope it helps!!