Read Range not reading a formula

Hi there,

I’m trying to add a “Read Range” activity in order to read from an excel that contains formula to check the remaining days based on the date from a different cell. Below is the Excel file that i’m trying to read, see the formula:


When the Robot tries to read it, it throws an error message. See below:


Also, below is the link to the xaml and excel file and hopefully someone would be able to help me.

@jordan.chang I checked your excel and xaml
The error is occurring because in Excel sheet for Column E type is Date but you are not passing any date there , that’s why that error is coming.
Try giving some date in E column that error will go

Hi @shanmukh_pothamsetty,

Thanks for reminding me to put a date manually and do the test. Initially i was trying to do “Write to cell” from a variable and then do the “Read Range” but still failed. After few thoughts i managed to realized that after write to the cell the workbook needs to be saved so i placed the Save Workbook in the Excel Application Scope and it did work.

Thanks again.

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