Read Range in Try Catch

Hello everybody!
Why it doesn’t work?

May I know the error that comes with that
Cheers @RPA3

Read Range: The sheet does not exist.

Kindly check whether the excel file been mentioned has that sheet in it
Or if it has that sheet then use KILL PROCESS activity and mention the process name as “EXCEL” and then use excel application scope


Not now. But I also need that if the file does not fit - try catch

If there is an error while reading the file, then I go to another process through invoke

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Then make sure
that you are not running in debug mode and if so it won’t get into catch block
So Run in normal mode and try once pls
Cheers @RPA3

What change?

I think you are running in debug mode that’s why not getting into catch block

not in debug mode.
Maybe the wrong exception is selected?

Fine what is the exception that we get along this error
We can choose that as exception type in the catch block

Cheers @RPA3

I do not understand. What should I change?

Can I have the screen shot of the error message that comes



use in place of “Sheet1” > ExcelWorkbookScope.GetSheets(0)

in ExcelException > worked when gives error.

Hope it will work for you!!

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