Read range excel, changes date without prompt

Hey all.

For some reason, when i use Read Range on an Excel workbook, then in the For each row, i extract column index 1 which is a date, it changes the month and day around (dd/mm/yy extracts as mm/dd/yy). EG: 16/08/19 extracts as 08/16/19 and crashes on the Parse Date as there is no 16th month.

It has not happened before when doing Read range, so not sure why it started now on this workflow. Could i have forgotten to install a certain package on this workflow? or am i missing something? Which packages do you all use for date.time stuff?



In the parse date, mention it as MM/dd/yyyy else open that Excel file and change that column format as you required.

Brilliant idea…Thanks

I Changed the Culture from en-GB to en-US (idea i got when i read your response) and now it’s working fine.

Thanks muchly

PS: Going to leave thread open for a little while to see what others have as solution, just in case i have other probs down the track :slight_smile:

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Happy to help you :slight_smile: