Read Range error on Orchestrator on Terminal Server

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I published my code from local to Terminal Server (Prod). I have everything set on Orchestrator like Robot, Environment, Processes and NuGet package uploaded. I started running the job and it fails after 1 minute of running.

I am getting following error saying Read range error on Orchestrator. I have valid config file on Terminal Server. i even checked Excel activity on Studio it is up to date. Don’t know where the issue is. Could anyone help me here. It would be very helpful in running my bot on Production.

Note: I am using Studio 2018.2.3 and Orchestrator 2018.4.1

On Local machine it is running fine and I am getting this issue only on Orchestrator on Terminal Server

PFA of screenshots below.

Error message I am getting on Orchestrator

Excel version I am using on Studio

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Install all Excel package on the machine the robot is running.

For your reference Excel Application Scope Error [Robot Tray] - #2 by Florent_Salendres

@syedabidraza Thanks Abid. I tried updating Excel package on VM just like local, but still I am getting the same issue. Any idea?

I have shared my approach for the issue , if it didn’t work , I will tag expert , surely you will get solution quickly .
@loginerror @ovi please help him. Thanks!
++ @ClaytonM

Thanks for tagging experts.

Hei @srinucslt
You say you are using Studio 2.3 and Orchestrator 4.1
Upgrade your Studio to newer version, because in version 18.4 the way dependencies are managed changed. Also, I would suggest going to 4.3 if possible.

Essentially, when running a job from Orchestrator, it will look for the activity dependencies in the feeds located in the NuGet.config file located locally on the machine the job is triggered at. This file is located in the UiPath Program Files folder, and like I said, it looks at it on the machine where the job is run. If you have an activity dependency that is NOT found in those url feeds, then you get the Error that you received. So check the project.json file for your project and make sure the Excel version matches the one that is in the Gallery/Official activity feed; if it doesn’t match, then you will get that error.

However, if you upgrade to the newer Studio version, you will see all the dependency errors when you load the workflow file. Then, you can change the dependencies for each project, but always make sure you have a version installed that is found in the Official, Community, or other feeds that you are using in the NuGet.config file as I mentioned…

I hope this helps.


@ClaytonM Hey Clayton I resolved this issue. It is not about versions of Studio and Orchestrator I am using. The issue I am facing earlier was related to Dependency files which were missing on Terminal server’s local drive. I copied all dependency files like Excel activities, RestSharp, csvhelper and Newtonsoft.Json from Local machine to Terminal Server.

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Cool :grin:

By the way, that might more of a short term fix, but Orchestrator should be looking in the NuGet.config file on the server machine for the activity packages. Like, you could have zero activity packages installed on the server and it still work. But, maybe the user profile for the robot is messed up and by copying the AppData from your local user you are essentially repairing what was wrong. :man_shrugging:

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