Read Range Error (included delete data)

I had utilized Read Range Activity and Success when the Excel data didn’t change.

However, i have excel file then select Read Range Activity inside For Each Row and successful for the 1st time, the next loop Read Range Activity found error. More information at first the excel have 10 Row included header after that i delete the 2nd row before start the next loop. How to solve this issue. Thanks for your advise.

The problem is with the range . Don’t give any . Leave it as “”

Can you please add the input file and elaborate more. Also if you can put screenshot with the for each loop that you are talking about, will be helpful.

I have input file 1 Excel “SheetA” i.e Row 1 - 10 included header
then write data in another input file 2 Excel “Sheet1” then i process read range and write range and also add formula too in “Sheet2”. after got information we need the i read range and write range only cell we focus i.e. A1:B10 so i got “Sheet3”.

After finished the 1St transaction and success then i delete input file 1 Excel “SheetA” i.e Row 1 - 9 included header (delete and remove Row 2) and process input file 2 as mention above. However, Uipath stuck at activity read range “Sheet3” A1:B10.