Read Range error after save attachment

Hi, i Save a excel file from an email whit the Save Attachment activity After them, i want to read Range the file but i get this error.

input string was not in correct format

I checked this file, but everything looks fine. if i open the Excel self and click on save, then the read range activity work. Can you tell me whats the problem After save attachment?

could you share screenshot of your sequence ?
Are you sure that you input full path to the saved attachment ?

Hi, yes the full path is given. As I said, as soon as I open the table and just press save, it can read in the table


It’s weird.
Try save full path to the variable and double check both strings.
I can’t think of anything better at the moment ¯_(ツ)_/¯

isolate and replicate the issue by following:

  • save the attachment
  • create a separate XAML and implement the read range
  • execute this test XAML and read in the excel
    In case of it is failing
  • open the file manually in Excel
  • save the file (regardless that you havent change any content
  • execute again the Test XAML

We observed in some rare cases that some internal metadata were confusing the read range. With this test we can start the analysis

BTW: from which source/Application is the Excel file (not the email client is meant, from where the Excel file was created)?

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Hi, i tries the Excel Scope with read range and it works.
The problem only exist if i use the read range workbook aktivity.
I noticed that after saving the Excel file, the memory size is smaller than after saving.

Perfect, this was my guess as we faced same case in the past.

There are some internal Metadata set from Excel which leads to this defect.

So for the next steps

  • can you go ahead on open it with EAS read range
    Excel is not available and the file has to be fixed to get open with workbook read range

Kindly note: for fixing check we do need a next analysis iteration to find out the internal inconsistencies. If we could avoid then we would prefer it and not doing it.