Read Range : Couldnt read range [Excel]

Hi Guys,

There is an excel sheet which is like a template. so in the automation its needed to update data on the sheet at intervals. for eg. download data and write the downloaded data on main sheet. Its working completely fine but after uncertain time when I try to read data from this sheet “Main”… It throws Read Range : Couldnt read range error .please find the error screenshot below. So when I delete this sheet and create exact sheet name again it doesn’t give me error. P.S I cant use external activities here so please help. when I use workbook activity to read it gives “Not a legal OleAut date” error.

p.s. i am using same sheet name and also excel file exists

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Hey @AS07

Could you send me the excel file, so I can test from my end.

And please ensure you have given the proper sheet name without any space.
Close the excel before running the program.


Hi @GouthamVijay ,

Its a finance date related so cant share sheet outside rdp. and yes I am using the same sheet name and excel file is also available. the problem is I am able to read data but at uncertain time it gives me above error and after this error keeps occurring until I delete and create same sheet

Is the File inside Shared Location.

Hi @GouthamVijay ,

No its saved in local path and even if we manually close the microsoft excel through task manager the issue still persist

Few time it works and few time it doesn’t…

So is there any data or template change between these, so it might be affecting the read range.
I am sceptical here…

Hi @GouthamVijay ,

Yes few times there is different data template thats written on the sheet.

I guess, the template is creating an issue,
Check if there are any Characters in the template which is affecting this.

Hi @GouthamVijay,

Eventually that data is required. so have to add the data without any manipulation. but anyways after that data is added I am able to read the sheet as I said I am unaware of the root cause since the data doesnt have any sus data.

In that case i would say,

Put the read range inside Retry activity,
Retry(3 times){
Read Range
log message - exception.ToString

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Hi @GouthamVijay,

This will just give me exception log I need to perform the read range since I am using this data ahead.

Include retry activity and try, as i mentioned.

Hi @GouthamVijay,

Once I get That couldn’t read error I continuously get this error until I delete the sheet manually and create the new sheet …P.s Update I could read other sheets in the same excel so its not definitely not an excel error but data or sheet error.

Appreciate if you can send any sample data, to simulate the error.