Read range 3 sheet and combine specific columns into main sheet

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May I know about how to combine columns from different sheets into main sheet and split left the text in column.
I have tried with read range/write but not work well.
Thank for your advice!

The following is the basic requirement step sample;

This will require several steps. After reading the data in the main sheet, you can then load the data into a datatable and manipulate each value in a “For Each Row” activity. You can take the manipulated data and put it into a new datatable, which will have the split columns. Output that to a new sheet in the workbook and delete the old //Main Sheet you read from.

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you could do it using simple data table activities… just build the data table of the destination and loop all 3 from source adding each row accordingly…

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@Anthony_Humphries, @bcorrea,

Thank for your advice!

Could you help to share the sample post of copy into datatable ?
I will try with that process.

Currently I use as follow method it’s correct way or not.
But I was face some problem.Sample.xaml (11.6 KB) sample test.xlsx (10.8 KB)

see how i would do:
Sample - Imported.xaml (13.1 KB)

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@bcorrea; Thank You So Much!

Thank for sharing concept and sample process!

It was work perfectly and well. I will try to used this concept in my production work.

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