Read PDF Text Multiple REGEX Matches Ienumerable add to DataTable Matches

I am using the Read PDF Text activity and using the matches activity with Regex, I get more than 200 results in an IEnumerable varaiable.

I am having trouble adding it to a data table. I tried for each item add data row but get an error message when I try item.value

I also tried an assign activity

Left = Dt1
Right = (from m in namematch.Cast(of Match) Select dtResult.Rows.Add(m.Groups(1).toString)).CopyToDataTable

What is the best way to add an IEnumerable variable to a Datatable for multiple matches in the same column new row.

Hi @Carlos_Diaz_Porras
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Build data table and copying those matches to that datatable would be good

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I recommend to use Named Group of Regex. It returns empty string if there is no match.
If you can share specific your requiremnt, we might be able to suggest some approach.


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I found the correct answer on this link

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