Read PDF Text does not recognize special characters

Hello UiPath-Forum community,

when reading a pdf document with the activity “Read PDF Text”, special characters (like ä and ö) are not recognized properly.
This only occurs on the UiPath server.
On my development laptop everything works fine.

Is this a setting issue on the UiPath sever or UiPath Studioi or something else?
I have compared lots of settings but could not find anything that looks like configuring the encoding of the “Read PDF Text” activity.

Thankful for any hint to solve this issue.
Best regards, Jo

I have found that the package version of package UiPath.PDF.Activities works in 3.10.1, but not in 3.11.0
Furthermore there is an excel issue, when passing the acquired text string to an vba macro.
But that would be something for the microsoft excel forum.


If Read PDF with text activity is not able to detect entire data then try with Read PDF Text with OCR activity it will read entire data, try with this it will work