Read pdf text bug or error

Hello i have a process where i use a for each and read pdf file to extract information. It all works, but it throws a strange error when readin the pdf file. This occurs everytime, but it has still managed to read the pdf files. It looks like its getting a desktop.ini file when doing getallfiles. Its a common hidden file in windows that manages the folders, but its weird it manages to get that file. How can i fix this ?

0000541241.pdf (42.2 KB)

As far as I understant what you said, the problem is when reading desktop.ini file (your screenshot doesn’t show PDF_PATH value). With MyDirectory as the directory with your files:

Files = Directory.GetFiles(MyDirectory, "*.pdf")

will get you all files with .pdf extension.

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Yes, have made this. But wonder why it does include the desktop.ini when it has not done this before ?

I don’t know why the file was not included before but as far as I know, it is expected to show itself.

hm i see