Read PDF text Aggregate Exception Error


Hi ,

While reading the PDF text, i am trying to pass the page number in the input range as “2-3” via variables.

With direct numbers it works. But with variable reference it shows as AggregateException.

Shakeer N


Based on my knowledge PDF won’t take page rage…
Could you please show some more light.


It Accepts range.

If i pass a direct string i.e “2-3” it works.

If i pass the same number via variable for Ex Pdftxt = “2-3”. it shows aggregate exception.


oh ic… i got it what you mean to say… it will work perhaps the data might be null or empty. it is working fine with me.


I have two variables image.

This way if i do i am getting the aggregate exception error


Try this.


Thanks Man. It worked perfect.


Hi ,

while I am trying to read text file I am getting Aggregate exception.


with reference to variable I am unable to read it.

Kindly help

Thank you


I faced the same issue, Removing the .txt extension of the file to be read from the local drive solved the issue for me.