Read PDF Tabel form and extract data to excel file

Hello Guys,

i need some help to extract data in excel format from PDF tabular form.
i already create the work flow but data in excel file is not valid, it just only fill one cell ony.
i’m using PDF activities UIPath as a package manager.

Here is my workflow Read PDf Tabel.xaml (6.7 KB)

and this is my PDF source File InvoicePdf.pdf (203.4 KB)

Thanks guys, any kind help would be appreciate. :smiley:

I’ve attached the fix. The column separator was set to tab, rather than space, and you want CSV parsing enabled (even though this technically isn’t comma-delimited).

I also had to change the name of column “Invoice Id” to “InvoiceId” because otherwise the space between the words would be counted as a column separator.

Read PDf Tabel.xaml (7,2 Ko)

Hi @Anthony_Humphries, Thanks for your advice and the workflow to…
So, is it the other way to use column “Invoice Id” and avoid that “space” between that words as a column separator ?

Check this updated workflow and I used regex, @asuprayitno
Read PDf Tabel.xaml (11.8 KB)
and the output file,
Output.xlsx (7.6 KB)

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yeay… thank you so much @Manish540

you really save my day… :smiley:

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