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Hi Guys,

I have the following question. I would like to automate a proces where invoices (sometimes native sometimes scanned PDF’s) are processed. As each invoice differs in format, but always contain the same keywords (i.e. total amount: € xxx. Is it possible to make the bot search for the keyword and scrape the data which is right of it without it having to be a standard format?

If so, how would this be done?



Hi @Matthewvz
You can use scrape Relative for it.
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@Matthewvz Is it possible to attach some sample pdf if its confidential means change data to dummy

23_01_2019_182.pdf (46.7 KB)

Please find attached an example

You Can use Anchor base activity, add Find element on left side and GetVisibleText activity on the right side.

result -


Main.xaml (7.0 KB)