Read PDF by OCR time?

I am using Read PDF with OCR activity in my code. When I use Read PDF with OCR separately, it takes around 2 minutes to read a file but when I use it in my process with same settings and run on same file, it takes around 8 minutes. Can you help me in figuring out the issue? I’m using Omnipage OCR with profile setting as Scan type.

@Palaniyappan @loginerror @Pablito

Could it be that the workflow is getting held up elsewhere instead of the OCR reader? I would try debugging with highlight elements on (it will take longer than your normal workflow time since it will highlight each activity) but this should give you an idea if there is a loop/section of the workflow that it is getting held up on.

No I’ve debugged it thoroughly it’s just that sometimes it takes a lot of time within the workflow, but separately it does it quicker.

Is this when it is run from orchestrator or from your studio instance? I’ve noticed that when running workflows from studio, sometimes there are hold ups that don’t seem to happen when running the same workflow from orchestrator.

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Didn’t knew that, i was trying it from studio, i’ll monitor logs after publishing from orchestrator.

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Awesome, let me know if its still being held up and we can explore it further and find out why its behaving this way.

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