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I’m new to this Forum and to Uipath, but I would really like to learn more about it.
I have a project. In this project, I need to read a Pdf file line by line, export it to an Excel sheet and after that compare the Excel sheet with another Excel.
The problem I encounter is as follow:
I was able to read the Pdf and export it to Excel, the problem is that I’m reading the entire pdf, not just line items and when I export it, all the information is going in one single cell in Excel. Could some one tell me how can I read only the line items of the pdf or how can I split the information that I’m getting now in different columns and different cells?
If anyone has a solution or if you need samples of the pdf and excel file, please let me know.
I have attached my project in it’s current state: Proiect PDF To Excel.xaml (6.0 KB)
This is the second thing that I have tried but failed: Proiect PDF To ExcelV1.xaml (16.6 KB)

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Hi @Andrei1,


If the PDF follows the same format always, you can use Read PDF Text activity, which can read separate text in an PDF file and export into an variable.

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Hi @adheedhan

I am using Read PDF Text activity to read the Pdf, and I’m able to export it to Excel, but all the information is exported in a single cell, and I need to separate the exported information in multiple cells.

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You can use Start Process activity to open the PDf on the screen and use Get Text activity to read particular text from the screen.
It uses UI elements to extract and stores the string to variable,
You can print it in Excel file.

Or try reading the required page and use substring to get the expected data alone from it

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