Read Pdf Activity Issue

Hi Team,

We are facing issue while working with PDF containing more than 12 pages on bulk data load. We are using read PDF activity to perform this task.

Moreover if we use read PDF activity for single PDF containing more than 12 pages, it works fine.

Please suggest us some solution to work with the bulk load.

We can have a screen sharing session to resolve the issue, we are working on IST timings.

Thanks in Advance.

What’s the trouble your facing,any error ?

The activity doesn’t throw an error .
Its just stops on bulk data load run , the activity just hanged up and no error come up…

Try to clear array/string values for each iteration.

You mean to say clear all the array and string variables used in the process.
I clear all the variable used in this workflow but facing the same issue.


Please define “bulk data load run”.

Can you reproduce it with an MCVE?

What I mean by bulk load run data is when running against the large data set the code simply hangs while running on the same data but less number of records it runs without any issues so if we reproduce with MCME there will be no effect on bulk data run .