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In this pdf i need to read the value beside “Wetlands of International Importance” if the value is more than 0 in this scenario it is(3).

If that value is more than 0 which in this scenario it is. I have to click on “Wetlands of International Importance” and extract the data and store it in a variable.

Could you help me with this. I have attached the pdf below for reference
Environmental Heritage.pdf (92.9 KB)
Thank you.


I hope this workflow would help you out
PDFExtraction.xaml (5.4 KB)

I have used the regex expression to first extract the data written after: “Wetlands of International Importance”,

“(?<=Wetlands of International Importance)(.*)”

Since there was some extra text coming out I then have used a replace activity which would replace unwanted string such as (Ramsar and would give you the count.

Regex.Replace(extractedText(0).toString,“[a-zA-Z (]+”,“”).Trim

Hope this helps you out!

Happy Automation!