Read outlook email from other people's inbox?

Hello All,

I’m almost done with my workflow and the goal is to read my boss’s email and help her do auto approval for something based on email trigger. The issue I have now is I always see below error when I’m using her email address in Get Outlook Mail Message activity.

I’ve got her credential stored in orchestrator, and I’m using “Inbox” in MailFolder. I have no issue to run test with my own account and I confirm that the email goes to her “Inbox” instead of other folders… so I don’t know what’s wrong and how to proceed, can someone help on this issue? Thanks in advance!

Hi ,
Could you please remove your mail id from “Account” field and add “ Inbox ” in the MailFolder property and give a try.

I’m pretty sure that’ll work.

Hi @AMRITANShlal, I’ve tried this and it only allows me to read email from my own account, is there something else i need to do? image

Check this out Create Mail Folder in Outlook - Build - UiPath Community Forum

seeing this error:

I think it might be due to protection level… any other approach?