Read Orchestrator API for No of success Transactions in queue

Dear All,

I have requirement, I get to prepare report to management on every month basis.

Reports like below.

No.of Transactions in Queue
No.of Transactions processed successfully
No.of Transactions failed with system Exception
No.of Transactions failed with Business Exception.
What is average time taken for processing successfully processed
same for business exceptions

I could not able to find releated API in orchestrator.

in single shot i want the details which visible to us in orchestrator → Queue

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Hey @venkat4u

For this, you can use the QueueItems endpoint with result having Status, Exception Type, Processing time fields.

Then in the automation code you can do the calculations.

Hope this helps.


@Nithinkrishna ,
Thanks for response.

I am using this but it is difficult to read all items processing time and do calculations.
if we have any api which can directly give value as i shown in picture.
if you can see this Image where you can get these details in Swagger.

Output is like below


not sure how to use same from studio.
and i want for monthly not daily basis

I don’t see Avg time in that as well ?

but i can do simple calculation of processingtime/no of item which can give average for that day.
Rather calculating for every itme.

And if i can get anything for whole month it is further simplied

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I can see only the date in the processing time field that’s what I meant


but do we have any solution?

and want to check do you have any idea about using LINQ on JSON Object?

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Of course yes.

Fetch the records as the above & you can even de-serialize the JSON to a data table or list.

Post which loops or LINQ can be applied to find the count or do the average calculation.

Hope this helps.


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@Nithinkrishna ,

Thanks for info.
I already have script for reading details but facing difficulty to get the linq query for average and count for retried, application, deleted, business exception, success.

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Okay Sure @venkat4u

Let me write a query for you which will give you result for one & you can do the same for others.


in general we prototype in swagger
then we use the Orchestrator HTTP request Activity for the call

similar to get Queue Items output we also can use LINQ against the JSON when implementing additional evaluations

Can you share any script for this?

As i am not able to find.

How many approx items do you have in queue in total ?

depends on queue
~50 - ~1000

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Because normally API only returns 1000 items at one go.

So what I can suggest is you can do 3 API calls to get the count only result for outcomes, which looks fair enough for me.