Read one by one row values in excel


Can anyone help me to pass data from CSV by row wise.

CSV file data—

Column Name: “Name”
Row 1 Value : Happy
Row 2 Value : Happy Birthday

I need my Workflow to be like below:

Read CSV
Open Chrome > Google
Type Happy(1st row value) in text field
Close chrome
Again open Chrome > Google
Type Happy Birthday(2nd row value) in text field
Close chrome
Stop execution

2 data are there in CSV file, so workflow should execute twice!

I tried using For Each Row activity, but it is doing in a single execution, like opening chrome, typing Happy and again Happy birthday in text field and it closes the chrome.

I want to do it twice, How can i iterate the row values in the above workflow.

Please suggest me ideas to do.


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you wants to try it for learning purpose or …?

Because it is not good thing to open and close browser for just based on excel rows. Suppose if it have large records then your system will get halted. and second thing

why workflow should execute twice you can execute set of activities twice?

i think one approach you can understand from this thread. In that workflow is reading columns from excel on google and taking search results and storing it into excel.

If you stll wants to perform your approach then just wanna advice you dont’t open browser two times just use navigate activity for redirecting on a particular url.

Please let me know in case of any concerns.



I just explained it with google for understanding.

I should implement in such a way for my project.

In my application i have 2 screens for registration form.

I am getting data from excel sheet with 2 rows (negative and positive).

When i use “for each row” activity, in first screen it is entering both the rows and clicking on next button and navigating to second screen, again it is entering values from both the rows and clicking on submit button.

So only the 2nd row values are getting submitted, as 1st row values are overwritten by 2nd row values.

Suggest me what activity i should include to make this happen appropriately.

or do i need to add any condition in for activity?


Hi @Smitha1 , @aksh1yadav is right !! as you said above that you have two screens and you want to enter both rows two times for different screens you should use two activities in the workflow read excel two times and navigate it to the desired url i think it will not rewrite first row values by second one!!


Try this one Smitja1.

Let me know if this is the answer you are looking for.
testRow.xaml (15.4 KB)

Just make sure Chrome doesn´t run on the background,



hi @Smitha1

You can try @beesheep solution. it will fulfill your needs.I have also tried this by considering only one time browser open instance because what i wants to mention here

Chrome Browser uses separate process for new tab so in case of any happening to one tab it will not hang the whole browser and the other thing i have found about google chrome is if you have some extensions installed in your chrome then even if you will close the browser then still it’s process is running in the background due to such extensions.
please go through this link:

So you can use only one time browser opening in your task if possible and other best practices you can do is just be prepare for other cases like error. You can use try catch and state machines.

what i have faced during this is at the time of filling first screen sometimes web pages returns some error due to their side so you should handle such things suppose like pop up be using element exists activity.

and if you will mostly work with clients citrix environment then use image exists and hot keys as much because they are the only reliable way,

In my solution i can not consider whole cases and scenarios because this forum is to only guide all of us.

You can try this solution also. Take a look :slight_smile:

Note - I am using IE browser because Uipath activities and uiexplorer and selectores best works with IE. (13.6 KB)

@Smitha1 Actually i forgot to update the excel path. Now updated :wink:

Thanks& Regards…!!



Navigate to activity worked for me!
Thanks for the suggestion @aksh1yadav and @beesheep.

For web applications, navigate to activity will work out!
But what about desktop application. I am working on it now!

I will let you people know if i face any difficulties and if i find any best solution for desktop apps:)



I tried your workflow with my script and it worked.

This was the one i was looking for.

Only when chrome doesn’t run on background, the workflow is working fine. or else i am getting exceptions thrown.


Hi smitha ,

Have you found solution for the desktop application.


hi @aksh1yadav , actually i want to ask some doubts , can i have ur contact id or fb id ,.

Hey @ishan

Doubts Regarding?

I was wondering did you get any thoughts on the desktop applications?
what i have is a spreadsheet and i want to read each row and then go to the desktop and finish it then go pick the next item in the spreadsheet. I’m using a state machine for this so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Smitha1,

Attached is the file from what I understood from your initial question.
test_csv.xaml (9.6 KB)