Read Multiple pages PDF files

Hi everyone,
I have the below scenario I need a help please:
1-I have mo than 1000 PDF files in folder
2-Some files 1 page and others 2 pages
3-I need to read the files those have 2 pages and scrape data from them
4- write the data in excel file
anyone can help for that please

gat files…from the folder
read each file
take page count of each file
then use if condition if page count=2
then process

HI @Dhiaa-ABM

it may 1000 or 1 or 2 pages from the pdf you can split the pages before scraping the data on the specific text which is matching on the particular page in the pdf then extract only that pages

IT is more than 1000 files and each file has 1 or 2 pages

Hi @Dhiaa-ABM

1.Firstly you can store all the files in a folder
2.Take for each activity and pass the condition like this = Directory.GetFiles(“PathOfFolder”)

 in loop 
 Take get pdf page count activity and create a variable= PdfCount
 keep - If Activity= you can pass the condition PdfCount<=2

then you can do the data scrapping and all what you want
for the reference you can see the screenshot

Thanks I will try it

I got thanks Guys it is working now

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Cheers…! :slight_smile:

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