Read multiple headers from single sheet


I am seeking a help here to get out from the issue where I need to read one excel file where It has multiple headers.
Every rows with headers should be added to new data table.
like first few rows will have information about Customer including customer header then few rows will have about its vehicle collection including headers and then few rows about drivers detail including headers.

So Customer data should be added to customer_DT and driver details should be added to driver_DT and vehicle detail should be added to vehicle_DT.

Thanks in advance.

Use the Get Sheets activity to get all sheets in the Excel workbook. Then, where sheet is the current sheet, you can use sheet.Name to get the name of the sheet, and use that in a Switch activity to determine how to handle the data from each of the sheets in the workbook.

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your prompt response.

All these are in a single sheet and I need to segregate all details(customer, vehicles and drivers) in different DTs(customer_DT, vehicles_DT and drivers_DT).