Read multiple a tables in PDF pages


I am facing an issue in reading more than one table from PDF. I used Data Scrapping then It is reading only one page and When I try to use READ PDF TEXT it is not reading correctly means it shifts the data of one column to another.I attached a sample file.
Service.pdf (152.2 KB)


Hi @mnk

Looks the Sales Date column in PDF file not properly aligned. Its causing the issue.

If you are able to get a aligned pdf, ‘Read PDF Text’ activity will definitely extract the data correctly.

Note: You have R&D some regular express if you are getting an unaligned PDF file.

Thank you.

@Jobin_Joy Thanks for reply, I also worked on that I tried to change the Column name to (Sale Date) But in that case it is not reading second page of PDF.If possible can you give a demo of it.


Please share the pdf (Aligned one - Sales Date) here.

Its the same PDF. Sale Date is not aligned. Share the PDF which is aligned


Kindly check before attaching. Again uploaded the same unaligned pdf only.

I requested for an aligned PDF means, I want to see the ‘Sales Date’ value in the row. (NOT as wrapped text)