Read mail within an xml and send by mail

Hi all.

  1. I have an excel file with 20 records
  2. I converted those 20 records to xml, each record in a different xml and saved the 20 xml in a folder.
  3. Each xml internally has a mail.
  4. I need to read each xml file and send a different email (i.e. there are 20 xml then send 20 emails).
  5. Each mail must send an attachment that is the same xml generated from where the mail was obtained.

Could anyone help me or know of a simpler way to read the data from an excel, convert each record to a different xml and send each mail?

Thank you very much

This is what I have done so far
Main.xaml (16.5 KB)

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Hey @manuel.rojas

What do you mean by mail in XML please ?