Read Mail message from a config file and send it in email in multi line

I have a mail text body of multi line in config file and I want to send the same in email. My problem is that while sending it in email, it doesn’t read the Newline (ple refer below). If I assign this value within a workflow then it works. If I remove the Env.Newline then everything comes in a single line. Any help in how to read a text from a config file and send it in multi line is highly appreciated.

Output while reading from config file
“Hi,” + Environment.NewLine + Environment.NewLine + “Pls find the XXXX of this month and last 2 months attached with the email.” + Environment.NewLine + Environment.NewLine + “Sheet2 tab - Gives the chart view of YYYY”



Copy this mail body directly under Body section of the mail and then check it once. It should work.

Thanks Lakshman. Yes it works but I want to drive this from config file.

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You can use HTML Tags like

Hi Team,

Please find the Attached file


can you give an example Manoj?

I got it using


p and br tags

Using "< p > and < br > tags

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We can place the text or paragraph we want without environment.newline and directly use new lines or blank lines as a text paragraph Ima .txt file using notepad
And we can place the file path of that txt file in config file and call them and use READ TEXT FILE activity and get the output with a variable of type string named str_input
—now we can use this variable inside the body property as input

Cheers @amit11khare

Thanks everyone. The tags worked
Using "< p > and < br > tags

Hi @amit11khare can you please mark it as solution