Read mail if contains [success]

Hi i get mail in outlook when a backup has been successful or not and i want a robot which read those mails who are successful, ive been trying a little bit on my own anyone got any idea? should split away and probably write down how many were success.

  1. Use Get Outlook Mail Messages activity to get emails.
  2. Loop through each emails using For Each and check the subject of the each email to filter Success or failure.
  3. Process the email (Eg: Move to different folder ( Move Outlook Mail Message) , Write down the success, etc as you wish)
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Alright thanks :slight_smile:

How do you Remove from the message? forexample [Failed] split?

Or maybe, .Remove/ Replace because right now it reads. failed, succsess and warning

Could you please explain your need in detail?

What do you mean by remove?
Do you mean to remove / delete the mail from folder?
or manipulating the subject string?

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