Read large text file

I have a large text which i want to read the size of the file is 1.5 MB. when i try to use the read text file activity i am getting error due to large size. The text file contain some meta data in the starting and later it contain the tabular data like a Purchase invoice/receipt which is having seller detail like address, phone number, name date and below items table with quantity,item name , price and total.

Apart from the seller meta data at the starting it is also having page number like 1, 2,3 etc.
so every page type structure is also having same data.

I have to read the meta data info along with tabular data from text file.

@Rajiv_Awasthi Try using the below Expression in an Assign Activity :

strArray = File.ReadAllLines(“yourFilePath”)

Where strArray is of Type Array of Strings

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Thanks… this works.

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