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I’d like to know how I can work with excel files with more than 70k lines without getting hours to read the lines and set them to a data table. With the actual activities, I’m getting more than 2 hours to read it.


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Hi @thayane.ribeiro ,

Few things You can Try -

  1. Change the Extension of the File to .xlsb and Try Reading it .

  2. We can try writing a Logic to Read the Excel Data in chunks - E.g. - Row 1 : 10000 , Then 100001 - 20000 , and so on


Check this below link, @thayane.ribeiro

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@thayane.ribeiro How many columns does it includes? Are there any VLookups used in the file you are reading?
Try with workbook read range activity before going to any other solution.
Also, try using read range in excel application scope with unchecking the visible option of Excel Application scope property.

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Thanks, everyone! I changed my file extension to CSV and now it’s reading in less than one minute!


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