Read information from a dynamic table on a web page

I am currently developing an RPA, RPA must read information from a web page and write it in a Google Sheets. As the web page is designed, it has a dynamic table, that is where the RPA should read the information.

For example :
RPA should be able to search for “Product 1”, click (Like the + of a dynamic table), and there it opens more information corresponding to “Product 1”, that’s what the RPA should read. In addition, the location of the different Products is not in alphabetical order, but based on the total price,for that reason, every day Changesthe location on the pivot table

Product 1, on Monday, is located in position 1. On Tuesday product 1 is located in position 5. On Wednesday product 1 is in position 3 of the dynamic table.

I am taking the information with a Get Text.

Do you have any recommendations on how I could extract or read the information regardless of the position in the table?

Hi @Julian_Yamid_Torres_Torre

U can try scrapping the table along with the url associated (like scrap the Product 1 name and the url associated with it )

Then using datatable manipulation u can check for product 1 and navigate to it’s corresponding url to get product 1 information

Hope you got the idea


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I used scrapping. For this activity to work, you must first click ("+" in the dynamic table). Of each of the products. After that, if RPA find the information of each of the products.

The problem is that when you click on the products, something like this appears.

Product 1 Price
Service 1 Price
Service 2 Price

Product 4 Price
Service 1 Price
Service 2 Price

Product 3 Price
Service 1 Price
Service 2. Price

How could I make the RPA, read me the information from Service 1, Service 2. Without making a mistake about the product. Because all the Services have the same name.
The rpa should read the Price of the Service 1, Price of the Service 2.