Read HTML gives wrong results


I encountered a weird bug yesterday.
My object is supposed to read a datatable in IE after performing a filtering, then locate a specific row and access it.

This always works the first time i run the object on the System, but for some reason it stops working if i envoke it a second time.

Without the filter there are 26 rows, with the filter it is 11. First time i run the object it correctly logs 11 found rows, but when running it again shows 26 even with the filter.

Has anyone encountered something like this?


Can you please check if there’s any selector got changed with or without filter in webpage

Just checked now, and there are no changes in the selector that i could see. Highlighting with and without filter works fine. But its almost like the table before the filter gets cached somehow.


If possible, can you please share screenshot for both cases and their html id’s on webpage to analyze this issue.