Read Hover Text

Hi Team,

I have a single word in the form of a link say registration number (12345). If i keep the mouse over it it will show two text
Regis id : 11111
Reg Name : Test
My question is i want to extract this 11111 and Test and store it in a separate variable using hover or any other activity.


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Did we try with GET ATTRIBUTE activity
Where use that activity and click on that element or texted link

Then open the selector property of that Get attribute activity and look for thr attribute holding those two values

Then mention the same attribute in the drop down option of that activity and get the output with a string variable

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Robotics

Will this helps if we have multiple registration number say
Registration No
the above resigtration no in a table format i am reading it using Data Scrapping. Each and every registration number has its own Regis id and Reg Name, i need to extract all

Yeah it applies for all

Attribute aaname holding only the registration number none of the attribute holding Regis id or Regis name.
FYI in Indicate on screen - i tried using F2 to read the two text

Did we check with innerText attribute
Open selector editor and look for the properties at the left bottom
There we can other hidden attributes and it’s values

Cheers @Robotics

No the innertext also holds the registration number only.

There must be some or other attribute holding that value
Pls check the complete property tree in Selector editor

yes already check none of them having those values. Any way we can use hover and read those text?

@Robotics Do you have any sample website?