Read from Folder and every information you will get from each of the pdf files will generate a new line in a textfile

What i want to do is that every new PDF file from the folder will generate a new line in a textfile.

Afte i read the PDF file, i will run a matches and pick some information from the PDF-file.

Afte i grab that info, i put it into the textfile.

And the i read the next PDF-file and pick info from that one. And that information i want to come on the next line in the document.

Like this:

Folder ( PDF 1, PDF 2, PDF 3 …)

Read PDF file

Matches: Pick Birthday

These things is in a for each

Write to Text file

In the textfile i want it like this.

Birthday from the PDF1
Birthday from the PDF2
Birthday from the PDF3

Hi, first use the for each loop
For each of Directory.getfiles(folderpath)
Now inside for each loop
Use if condition
Use Read pdf text activity
The output will be a string variable
Now.use your logic of matching and getting the data from that string manipulation or from direct scraping of that text area from the PDF , the result is string variable

Now use append line activity
Give the text file path to which you want to write that pdf text
And give Above string variable as input

Files is a array of strings
For each have for arguments: strings
Directory.GetFiles(UrlPath, “*.pdf”)

In that loop i do my first selection of the PDF file.

Then i have a secon loop, were i go in to the pdf and findes the Birthday that i want to pic from that PDF.
After that i want to wrote that Birthday into the Textfile.
And the i want to go into the next PDF and do the same and wrote that Birthday on the second row i the Textfile.

I was more into for using for example Enviroent.NewLine.

You can use Append line to write on the other row in the textfile