Read from Excel Date 11/21/1967 into website drop down

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I have a data table of birth days in Month day Year format “11/21/1967”
the web site I am working with wants month Jan-Dec selector box day sector integer number year selector integer number. (Screen shot below)
Site Mont day year
How do I take the read in data form Excel table then convert it or have the site chose the correct data paramotors?


Check as below for your reference

Check below for converting date values

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parse the string to a datetime:
myDate = CDate(“11/21/1967”)
or with DateTime.ParseExact Method for having more in control

getting the different parts we can do:


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Hi @pkramer ,

If your issue is not resolved, please answer below questions:

  1. Does month dropdown have options like Jan, Feb, Mar Or January, February, March?

  2. Does your date look like 05/01/2020 or 5/1/2020 ?(Month/Day/Year)

  1. yes dropdown one has a Jan to dec dropdown option
  2. yes the second drop down is day in 01 through 31 format
  3. Third drop down is 1900 through 2021

d = Date.Parse(“11/21/1967”)

day = d.ToString(“dd”)
month = d.ToString(“MMM”)
year = d.ToString(“yyyy”)

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