Read from CSV last row then write range to new row

Hi guys,

I need some help in my csv i want to write range to last new row of whatever csv row is in how can i write it in ? i have kind of forgotten about this

Example row 139 now so my next new row is row 140

the data will come from my PDF

@xxGoRpa Append to CSV

Addin data on existing data:
Append to CSV activity

u mean an append to CSV can continue to write to whatever last row it stop at ?

a little bit hard to understand what in detail is meant.

Append to csv will respect the existing data and will place the new data afterwards

otherwise just test and explore it in a quick RnD XAML

I dont wan to replace my existing data i wan continue addon

we did not mention this and also we told, that the new data would be added to the existing data

@xxGoRpa Append to CSV==> Pastes it after the existing data (last row) in a specified CSV file and will not replace any existing data.

Follow Official documentation-


As mentioned by other members …append csv should do the task for you…it would add or apped the data after the existing data


The word append always means “add after what is already there.”

Thanks guy tested the append to CSV it work as what u guy have say

Happy automation!

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