Read folder name > Search for name within text of multiple PDFs > Move all PDFs to this folder

Hi UIPath community, this is my first topic but I’m thankful that alot of you have indirectly answered most of my questions. Thank you so much!

Now to my problem… I have two folders. Folder 1 contains multiple subfolders titled “ABC xxxxx” where xxxxx refers to digits NOT in sequence. Folder 2 contains multiple subfolders, each subfolder contains multiple PDFs. All of these PDFs would have the digits xxxxx within their text.

So what I’m trying to do now is to move all these PDFs into their respective Folder 1, based on the text that they contain.

I have gotten the digits xxxxx from Folder 1 name but now I do not know how to get to reading it from within the PDFs. Can I use get text across multiple PDFs at the same time?

I also discovered that I can simply manually search xxxxx within file explorer to find those PDFs but there are too many of those files. Is it possible to get UIPath to do the same?

Oops I managed to work this out on my own! :sunny:

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