Read file (not mailmessage) from Outlook Inbox

Hi there
Looked around. Couldn’t find a solution. A lot of creative people here. Thought you might have ideas.

So I’ve got a situation in Outlook that looks like this:
So this is NOT a question about how to download attachments from an email.

Notice how the first object in my Subfolder is NOT A MAILMESSAGE (highlighted in yellow). It’s an image file (but could be a pdf or something) that I threw in my subfolder.
Please distinghuish an email (item number two on the list on the screenshot, reads “Digital Worker”) from that something-object.

So my problem is that I need to download it but it’s not a mailmessage.
So I can’t use “Get outlook mail message” activity. In fact I get an empty list of mailmessages.
It just doesn’t see it.
Others can see that object too in Outlook (it’s a shared mailbox).

So any ideas how to download that attachment that isn’t an email?

If you’re wondering how to recreate the situation above, find yourselves a pdf and drag and drop it in your inbox in Outlook.



When you click on that image than what will happen

If you double click on it, it will open the image in Photo Viewer.
If you single click it, you’ll see something like this:

It doesn’t have a subject, or a sender.
What it shows is just the image on the right.

But I’m really after pdfs, not images even.
I know you can build a robot that uses clicks to get me what I want.
You know, something like, download the pdf using the clicks.
Create a new email. Attach it.
Send it to yourself.
Then you’ve got an email. Not an attachment.

But I would avoid using clicks if possible.

If would even take suggestions as to what you call that attachment-object-thing in Outlook.
I don’t even know what to google.



Can we do one thing,
after open an image then we can save image in xyz path then you can use image either use it or send an image via mail

That is a good suggestion.

There are two problems that stop me from using it. Namely:

  1. I’m not allowed to delete the image object and create an email out of it because it will cause havoc to the client’s outlook inbox. There will be these new emails from nowhere.

  2. The process I already have uses Read Outlook messages activity for mailmessages.
    So I would avoid opening Outlook window and reading the image-objects from there because it would require me to create a separate process that just handles that.
    I understand you could create a queue item out of the pdf-object and use the Performer to handle those new queue items but it would require a process redesign from me (also, for Performer I need the actual .pdf. I can’t load the values from pdf to the queue item beforehand).
    So I 'd rather do this programmatically (i.e. using an Activity or code of some sort) within my Dispatcher

one more question , let us take an assumption that now we got an image than after that what BOT will do?

It will manipulate the image and do what Performers do.

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