Read Excel using UiPath database activity

I am reading an excel having more than 50000 rows using UiPath database activity executenonquery and it returned the desired data table. Only problem i am facing is that the few cells text are getting trimmed. If the cell contain more than 255 characters than only first 255 character from cell is extracted rest are removed from data table. Can anyone help me to how to fetch the completed text irrespective of cell text length

Have you tried using the Read Range activity?

I’ve never had the problem of cells getting trimmed.

Or is there a reason you’re using database activities to read from an excel file?

Or maybe I’m not understanding everything correctly.

yes since the no of rows are having more than 60000 and we want to read whole excel in minimum time elapsed.

It takes me less than 6 seconds to read 100k rows with the read range activity. Are you sure you cannot handle the 6 seconds?

Because it would be the simplest solution to your problem.

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