Read excel till last nonempty row

I want my BOT to read excel till it doesnt come across empty row.
plus, after Reading each row it is Writing that data into webpage text fields.
So how can i run my bot till it doesn’t come across last empty row and as it finds last empty row it should stop.

You mean you have empty rows in between data in the excel file?

no…it has continues series of data an di want my bot to read till it finds rows till data

any suggestions

Read range exactly does that…you can save the data inside a DataTable and extract it using row(“YourFieldNameInsideExcel”).toString
And type this into where ever you want to…:slight_smile:

yeah…i have done read range inside application scope and then for each row to get each row item and saved it into variable.
But now whats happening is…after inserting each row data into application my application is inserting a new row to insert data read from excel.
so the need is, that new row should only be inserted till it fetches data from excel .After all the data from excel is typed into the application then new row should not be inserted.

Please post the .xaml and xlsx files

not possible

give if condition in for each

if row(0).tostring Is nothing
Type into

What if there are empty rows in between?

in that case, you can check total rows count ,and iterate the same till last value