Read Excel Row and Update after action


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I have read in the forum for the question and noted that the write cell activity is used to update to Excel and a counter is used together with the cell address.

My question is, can the assign activity be used also ?
eg assigning the data captured and updating back to the cell name, after “for each row” loop process.

Kindly advise as I am very interested to learn how this can be done with UiPath Studio or using Dotnet.


For Updating Row Value using Assign, check as below

Hope this helps you



You can update values in column using assign activitiy


row(column name) = value

Thank You !!, Thank You !!, really appreciate your advise.

yes, i can use now the below, once the write range activity is done first

row(column name) = value

if the write range activity is not done, the assign activity cannot be used

Thank U again !!!

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