Read Excel Range of Decimals; Write Each To Specific Cells


I have an MS Excel spreadsheet that has a series of decimal values in range “B15:B27”:

…and so on

I have a Read Range activity that outputs to DataTable “tblRate”

I have a do while loop setup to increment “counter” by 1 as it runs through it, starting at 0.

I am trying to write each element of the tblRate datable to a specific cell in another worksheet.

To write the specific element from the table to a cell, what should the syntax be?

I have a Write Cell activity where i have the file name, the tab name, the specific cell with the following input:


Ideally, this would write 4.125 into a specific cell I’ve defined.

I know this isn’t correct, but I am not sure how to course correct here.

Any guidance or examples would be greatly appreciated.



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Hey @Brett_Johnson

If counter starts from 0

tblrate.Rows(counter)(colName or colIndex).ToString