Read excel range is returning old data

I start my projects reading configuration data from an excel file, i use a combination of activities:

  1. ExcelApplicationScope
  2. ExcelGetTableRange
  3. ExcelReadRange

Some times after updating values on the excel file, the process, is still getting old values, like if it’s reading cache data.

How can i solve this, or avoid cache? Thanks.

@Jorge_Dominguez Can you Explain What you are Performing and How you are updating the Excel ?

Not sure if I understand you correctly, but if you publish a project and then want to update data in the config you need to either:

  • Update the config in the folder where the package is installed.
  • Publish a new package containing the updated config file.

Hi @Jorge_Dominguez - Again not sure if this is your issue but if you are only reading the data once and then calling the data from the datatable later in the process, it will only use the data that was read that first time, it will not read the Excel file again unless you specify it to.

Hi, the excel is updated opening with office Excel outside of UiPath. after saved and closed, maybe more than once, the uipath process starts, then i use readrange activity, but it reads ols data.
Thanks for the interest

Thank you for the interest, the excel is modified, saved and closed before the uipath process starts, then the process uses the readrange activity inside excelapplicationscope, but it reads old data.

I can see no reason that this activity should be reading old data. Can you verify the file path to ensure you are reading in the latest version of the file and also verify that the changes are saved in the file before the process is run?

I’m facing the same issue. Even though excel file is updated and saved properly, UiPath don’t read new updated data from the excel file. It shows result from the previous one. Should we add any step before read rang to clear previous data? (I’m using UiPath Studio ver. 2020.4.1)